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The animation is great, the musics adapts to every situation in the picture, the situation is very deep , but the moral and message is what I like the most.

I have to congratulate you for this work is very good; Personally I felt like was real life based or something like that, u know!!!

That's why I voted 5

If this is one of your first animation attemps, let me tell you that you're good.
although I didn't understand if you intendd yo be funny or serious...if funny you need to improve the jokes

ManNSmkyRoom responds:

Guess they are mediocre weed jokes...

I don't know if you intended to be funny or serious; i didn't get it
although the animation and the voices are pretty cool.
keep up the work

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Ben Tristem's course uh?
You made little improvements like displaying the guess count.
Good! Don't get discouraged and keep learning C# and Unity

ArcaneHoodie responds:

Thank you :D

A great game:
- It is very detailed.
- Fun to play.
- The story is a little weird, but I get the point.
- The music is also very good, but in this particular case I believe maybe something more catchy would be better, you know what I mean "agitato".

By the way I really need to complain because I play and finish the game, obtained all the medals and I didn't get them in my profile =(
What happened about that? can you do something to fix it?

Pretty Cool Game:
I voted 5 due to:
-Animation and Idea
-Vectorials and collisions

An important thing is that there's a bug.
When you transform into a little ball of light ypu get stucked sometimes and you can escape the map....I left the map a lot of times in level 18 (I took some pictures ti prove it). Also if you get out and wait like a minute or two, you win the level.

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I liked the way you constructed the atmosphere for this song...pretty cool bottom and variations

good work

Mans0n responds:

thanks! it means a lot

tasty gravey

Hi man:

THis work es very special, it sounds so good...i love the fusion you did here, very rhythmic, I likethe japanese scales you added

You're a good musician i respect you

(maybe in some other time we could talk about music in a wider way)

Gravey responds:

Thanks. Your kind words are much appreciated.


Well done!!!

I really love this song...
you did a great work here! very original and fresh, the string ensemble fits, and the harpsichord sounds outstanding.

Did you use a GNX3000 or something?

Semaphore responds:

no, I didn't

I even don't know what a GNX3000 is xD

anyway but thank you very much WaveInvoker ^_^v

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superb work dude....(thumbs up, no matter what they say)
very detailed and for some reason pretty hot

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